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Website Designing

Affordable and professional custom website design for small businesses and organizations, content creators, social media influencers, gaming communities, Discord servers, and more.

Custom Website Design Packages

Whether you're a small business owner or organization, content creator, social media influencer, a gaming community, or a Discord server owner, it's extremely important to have a website because having a website allows you to target and interact with a much larger audience from around the world. Our speciality is completely designing both affordable and professional websites, starting at only $15 for the Basic website design package. Prices below for our custom website design packages does not include the purchase of website domains, website upgrade plans and subscriptions, privacy protection, and any additional fees required by the hosting source.

We offer three different custom website design packages, including Basic, Advanced, and Professional. Each custom website design package offers a number of customizations, including up to 5 rounds of revisions, professional blog setup, social media integration, full eCommerce online store setup, exclusive discounts, and more. Rather than paying for each separate customization, you pay for a package that features customizations that you’ll definitely love to see on your website for an overall cheaper rate. If for some reason you’re not satisfied with your current package and wish to upgrade or downgrade packages without any fees, notify your assigned Project Manager within seven days since purchasing the package.

​Every custom website design package order includes a private one-on-one consulting with a talented Project Manager assigned to you. A consulting session takes about one hour of your time, which can either be through a voice or text conference. During the consulting session, the Project Manager will ask you a series of questions to plan the perfect design you desire for your attractive and professional website. We’ll also go through with you the additional upgrades the hosting service offers, including website domains, website upgrade plans and subscriptions, and more.

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Breakdown of our Customizations

Breakdown of our Customizations

We offer various customizations to our three custom website design packages that ensure your website is both attractive and professional to your customers, supporters, and members for an affordable price. Our customizations apply to all themes of websites on all hosting services, including Weebly, WordPress, Wix, Bubble, and Google Sites. Depending on the hosting service, it may offer subscriptions to unlock certain features, such as uploading videos and audios, video backgrounds, online eCommerce stores, analytics, and search boxes, but luckily for you, we got you covered. We design unlocked features without any additional fees for all website packages.

Wishing we offered a certain customization for our custom website design packages? Don't worry, if you order the Professional custom website design package, we offer countless more unlisted customizations, including enabling Google AdSense, designing both contact forms and custom popup messages, inserting and configuring up to six unique website widgets, plus many more features without any additional fees. In case if you're interested in upgrading or downgrading your package without any additional fees as you wish your website package offered different customizations, simply contact the talented Project Manager assigned to you for additional information within seven days of purchasing the custom website design package.


An attractive and professional custom website design, delivered to you within 3-7 weeks. Upgrading and downgrading packages are available without any fees.


Receive an assigned Project Manager who is very dedicated with designing a website that best fits your greatest needs.


Your website may contain up to 40 pages or less, unlimited words, photos, and videos included. Additional pages may result in extra fees.

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Access to an enormous library of thousands of custom created photos, stock photos and videos to match the theme of your website. 


Your website will receive up to 5 rounds of revisions to ensure your website is squeaky clean from grammatical and spelling errors.


Your website will receive a professional blog setup to connect with your audience by posting important announcements and articles. 


Your website will proudly display your business and employee contact information, such as social medias, phone numbers, addresses, etc.


Your website will display your social media accounts linked to you to increase communication between you and your audience.


Your website will receive an online store designed to generate the most amount of money from selling both goods and services.

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Your website will be located in multiple search engines as we'll make your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly.


Receive exclusive discounts, such as discounts on Marketing Services for simply purchasing either the Advanced or Professional website design packages. 


Your website will be both designed and hosted on either Weebly, WordPress, Wix, Bubble, and Google Sites. Other website hosting services may result in an extra fee.

  • How long does it take for the website to be published?
    Depending on the custom website design package purchased, it may take up to 3-7 weeks for the website to be completed and published. We will update you consistently on the progress of your website.
  • Once the website is published, am I allowed to create changes on the website?"
    You are able to create changes on your website once it is published, but we cannot reverse any changes made to the website.
  • Could the rounds of revisions be used after the website is published?
    Rounds of revisions included in the custom website design packages can be used up to six months after the website has been published. Once the six month period have passed, you can no longer request revisions from us on your website.
  • Do you provide hosting services for websites?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide hosting services for the websites we have created; however, we are able to create our websites on either Weebly, WordPress, Wix, Bubble, or Google Sites without any additional charges. Covering hosting costs of the website is solely on the customer.
  • Have any additional questions or need assistance?
    Feel free to send us an email, text message, or directly chat live with us here:
Exclusive Discounts
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Custom Website Design Discounts

Once your Advanced or Professional custom website design has been completed to your standards and transferred directly to you, you are immediately entitled to take advantage of all three exclusive discounts below, including discounts on paid advertising, Development Services, and Marketing Services through The Plaza. You may take advantage of all three exclusive discounts during an ongoing sales event, resulting in more money being saved for investing back into your small business or organization, content creation site, social media account, gaming community, or Discord server. These exclusive discounts expire after six months since receiving your new custom website design from your assigned Project Manager.

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25% OFF Paid Advertising 

​Receive 25% OFF Paid Advertising through The Plaza. This includes paying for advertising on both official and associated Discord servers of The Plaza, such as the Advertisement Plaza, Bloxy Advertising, and EasyAd.

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25% OFF Development Services 

Receive 25% OFF on all of our Development Services through The Plaza. This includes our Website Designing, Discord Designing, Graphic Designing, Trello Designing, and Hosting Services.

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25% OFF Marketing Services 

​​Receive 25% OFF on your next monthly Marketing Services subscription through The Plaza. This includes all three of our Marketing Services packages, such as the Basic, Advanced, and Premium.

Carolyn S.

"I'm truly impressed with all the custom website design customizations The Plaza offers for an extremely low price. Compared to other similar companies, The Plaza is by far one of the cheapest and truly one of the best."

Questions? Contact us!

Questions? Contact us!

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