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Restaurant Story Community

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Group Guidelines:

  1. Be respectful to everyone! Do not treat someone differently based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

  2. No racial, sexual, homophobic, or other discriminatory comments allowed. You will be immediately banned from the Restaurant Story Community if you make such comments.

  3. Cursing is strictly prohibited.

  4. Spamming is strictly prohibited. Spamming is defined as reposting the same message more than twice, excessively using caps, or using unnecessary spacing.

  5. Joking about mental illness, including autism, depression, and suicide will result in an immediate ban from the Restaurant Story Community.

  6. Posting pictures, videos, or links that consist of real-life gore, pornography, promoting or committing criminal activities, or any private information is prohibited.

  7. Any discussions must be relevant to only Restaurant Story and Bakery Story.

  8. Advertising your restaurant, looking for neighbors, and requesting gifts is allowed.

  9. Follow the Community Guidelines posted below.

Please note: we are required to enforce the Community Guidelines established by The Plaza Company. Anyone who violates the Community Guidelines will be immediately reported to Moderation Services, in addition to receiving consequences through the Restaurant Story Community.

Community Guidelines:

Privacy Policy:

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